Thursday, January 26, 2017

Courage and Humility

As I expand my German vocabulary, the relationship between certain words fascinates me. Today, I learned Demut -- humility.

What interests me most about the word Demut is that it contains Mut -- the German word for courage.

In a world where narcissism is too often rewarded, it strikes me as befitting that courage can be found in humility.


Nike Roos said...

This is a beautiful observation. Unfortunately, it is false. Demut is derived from the Old High German diomuoti and means " willing to serve". Mut comes from the Indo-Germanic word mo, moda. It means a very strong will to achieve something.
There is no linguistic connection.

Bernadette Geyer said...

For me, the interest is as one who loves wordplay in my own language, English, and how I enjoy noticing relationships with words in a new language. Like how the reversal of two letters can turn Leid into Lied -- sorrow into song.

As a poet, I do enjoy playing with how words sound and how one word can be found inside another word. Etymology is also great to know, but not to use to disqualify the enjoyment of wordplay.