Friday, December 02, 2016

Where to see more frequent posts by me ...

I'm not very active here, as you might have noticed. But, if you want to see more regular news from me, you can always follow me on the following other channels:

Facebook - I have a Facebook page, where I post literary news & info, as well as a lot more regular updates about new publications, etc. Go over and "Like" my page!

Twitter (writerly account) - My @BernadetteGeyer Twitter account posts a lot more regularly and casually about what's happening with my writing and workshops. Sometimes just some fun stuff, or gripes. Follow me there!

Twitter (editorial services) - My @GeyerEditorial Twitter account posts more informative notes about writing and editing, as well as links to my recent blog posts on all things writing, editing, translating, and marketing. Get the news there!

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