Monday, April 04, 2016

Before You Post That Quote, Do This!

This morning, I saw someone post a lovely quote on Facebook. It was one of those images with the quote in a fancy script, perfect for sharing on social media.

Unfortunately, it was missing one important thing: attribution.

It's not that I doubted that the person posting the phrase could have written it herself. But I did doubt it, and so I looked up the quote.

Sure enough, I found dozens of other social media-ready images with the quote, attributing it to the correct person -- Ariana Dancu.

Ariana Dancu is a poet who has quotes from her poems available for sale on Etsy products. The Etsy shop where her words are available notes that "This text is the intellectual property of Ariana Dancu. Any infringement or use, in part or in whole, will incur legal consequences and action and will be pursued to the full extent of the law..."

Social media has made it very easy to share the inspirational words of others. For that I am thankful. However, as a writer myself, I am constantly frustrated to see people posting ever-so-shareable images featuring unattributed words of authors.

Before you share a great graphic/quote you saw online, do this: Make sure it's got an attribution. It's only fair to the author that they be credited with their own words. If the graphic/quote does not have an attribution, then find one that does, and share it instead.

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