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SAND Launches Issue #11 in Berlin

On 25 April 2015, SAND: Berlin’s English Language Journal held its Issue #11 launch party at 1820 Bar in Berlin. The event was co-hosted with The Reader Berlin, an organization that offers workshops and other services for writers in the city.

Will Studdert
The new issue of SAND features the winner of The Reader’s Short Story Competition, Will Studdert, who read from his prize-winning story, “Horst-Wessel-Stadt.” Studdert recently completed a history PhD at the University of Kent, exploring the ways in which Britain, Germany, and the US used jazz music in propaganda broadcasts during World War II. He lives in Berlin.

from Horst-Wessel-Stadt

Queer thing about the blackout is how the eye is so quick to make friends with it. I can detect now infinite shades of black & someday shall perhaps get around to naming them. I could see apartment rooftops inked jagged against the turquoise of the night’s canvas & even make out the corner building close to the Atlantis, a grand Bohemian-looking affair.

The second reader of the evening was Utz Rachowski, who was born in 1954 in East Germany. In 1979, he was arrested for “subversive agitation” and expatriated, and then released to West Germany through Amnesty International in 1980. Rachowski taught for a semester at Gettysburg College, in Pennsylvania. SAND includes both his German poems alongside their English translations, as translated by Michael Ritterson. Rachowski read his poems in German, while the English translations were read by SAND’s Editor-in-Chief/Poetry Editor, Lyz Pfister.

Utz Rachowski
from The Cold War Is Long Since Over

My heart was already a bullet
of ice and I set off again
for Checkpoint Charlie
where every day the Russians stand
with matryoshkas babushkas
and wristwatches
because their time has run out
I asked if he had a Makarov
and dropped my eyes and looked
at that single strip of bronze
where once the wall had stood uneasy
the Russian said konyezhno sure!

adrian nichols
adrian nichols – who studied dance at the School of American Ballet and law at the University of Virginia and now lives in Berlin – read from his series of poems which are written “in accord with john cage in his manner of operation.” nichols’ poem “no. xi” appears in the new issue of SAND.

from no.xi

0’00”   poetry
0’15”   is concerned with pleasure
0’25”   and pain
0’35”                           not happiness or unhappiness

The final reader of the evening was fiction writer Kasia Juno van Schaik, who studied literature and creative writing at the University of Toronto and at Concordia University in Montreal. She lives in Berlin and Montreal. van Schaik’s short story “Highwayman” is included in the new issue of SAND.

Kasia Juno van Schaik
from Highwayman

Paul passed a man by the side of the road, a hitchhiker who didn’t even bother lifting his thumb. The wind had risen, and sand was flying off the dunes into the road. The west beaches were empty at this time of year. The water’s surface, darkening occasionally with clouds, reminded Paul of a whale-watching trip he’d taken with Judy. It was years ago now, before the women’s groups and the separate bedrooms…

The evening ended with a few hours of dancing. The editors really know how to throw a launch event!

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