Saturday, January 31, 2015

Quick Social Media Marketing Tips

Two social media marketing tips based on issues I've run into this week on Twitter:

1. When you tweet a link, always check it as soon as you tweet it to confirm a) that it works; and b) that it goes to the correct page.

2. USE THE RETWEET WISELY AND JUDICIOUSLY! I admit I do not log on to Twitter very often. So, when I do, I have days when I see many things that I want to "favorite" or "retweet". But I am very picky about what, and how often, I retweet. It is very frustrating when I log on for my 10 minutes of scrolling and most of my Twitter feed is taken up by one single person who has retweeted everything they've seen in a single hour. If you do that, I am sure to unfollow you immediately. I like a good retweet and have found many good news items that way. However, if I am logging on one time a day, and there are more than 1000 people I follow, I would like to see items posted by more than just one retweet-happy handle. Don't abuse the retweet!


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