Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Back to Work

The two-week fall break has ended and we are all back to work or back to school.

For me, two classes have ended. A new one starts this week, while the second is slated to begin next week. After that, I break from teaching until the new year.

Fountain in Bremen
October was a month of ups and downs, fits and starts, and then stops. Lessons were learned in the area of book image rights, travel plans were chaotic due to nationwide train strikes, the water pump on our dryer ceased to pump, and much tea was consumed to soothe the colds obtained from a chilly and rainy visit to a little island on the North Sea.

On the up side, family visited, Oktober was "fested", several kilograms of Halloween candy were eaten, we discovered the beauty of Bremen, Peter & I had successful meetings with potential clients and associates, projects were completed, movies were seen, an island was explored from coast to coast, and I even managed to get some scribbling done in my journal. No poems for now, but there's hope that one day soon.

Tonight, I will be one of the featured readers at Curious Fox Books. I'm looking forward to getting back to participating in Berlin's literary scene.

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