Thursday, February 13, 2014

Signs of Spring

More than 3.5 million people live in Berlin. When the cold weather hits, and the cafes and restaurants pull their outdoor seating inside, the sidewalks become more navigable; they are no longer an obstacle course of tables & chairs, bicycles, prams and dog doo-doo.

Over the winter, when everyone hunkers down in their apartments here in the city -- save for the snowy days when parents drag their children around on sleds to get to the local hillsides -- it's easy to forget how many people live here.

But, on days like today, when the temperature nears 50 and the sun encourages folks to break out their sunglasses, people flock to the parks and streets. The sun-bathed sidewalks fill with tables again. And if you pay attention, you can see the signs of spring that are slowly but surely emerging from beneath the cast-out remainders of holiday decorations.

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