Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Upcoming Online Poetry Workshop

I know it's been two months since my last post, but an update on our relocation will just have to wait. For now, I want to let everyone know I will be leading an Online Poetry Workshop through The Writer's Center beginning on September 16!

Because the workshop is conducted online (lessons are posted in document form and there is an area where participants share their work and comment on the work of others), you can participate from anywhere! Even in your pajamas!

Here are all the details, including a short description of what the workshop will cover:

Days: 8 (Lessons will be posted on Mondays)
Dates: 9/16/2013-11/11/2013
Location: Online
Level: All Levels
Genre(s): Poetry
Cost: $360.00

Don’t just sit around waiting for the muse. For eight weeks, this workshop will provide inspiration for generating new poems as well as ideas for resuscitating and refreshing old drafts. New “lessons” will be posted weekly, featuring example poems and links to additional reading. Participants will share and comment on each other’s work and will receive individual feedback from the workshop leader. To register, click here.

If an eight-week workshop is not feasible, I'll also be leading a four-week long online workshop entitled "The Art of Revision", starting November 4. More details can be found here.


Mary said...

I'm interested in the revision workshop but the details on the Center's webpage are slim. What kind of work will the participants being doing? Do we have to have stalled drafts to participate? Thanks!

Bernadette Geyer said...

Hi Mary,

It is a four-week course. I would recommend having a stalled draft. I will go through four ways of re-approaching a poem. You can either use all four revision methods for the same draft, or use a different draft for each revision approach.

I hope this info helps!