Saturday, May 25, 2013

Use-less Stuff -- The Big Announcement

For those who haven't heard, my family will be moving to Germany over the summer. All of my efforts to get rid of clutter over the past years have not just been an exercise in de-cluttering.

My husband and I had a 10-year plan to live in Europe. This is year 11 of the plan. About three years ago, I began my de-cluttering campaign because every time we talked about moving I would look around and shudder at the thought of packing everything up and shipping it overseas to a small European apartment.

In late-January of this year, we began to seriously discuss making it happen in 2013. Which is why the pace of de-cluttering went from getting rid of 5 things a week, up to 20 things a week. Lately, I've been shooting for an average of 20 things a day!

(Don't worry. If I get rid of 20 pieces of paper, that counts as 20 things. I'm not insane, you know.)

In the past week we've gotten rid of:

*  2 bags of books
*  Several folders worth of old papers
*  About 200 record albums
*  Surround sound system & speakers
*  Bag of clothes

Whew. Not to mention the yard sale we had the first weekend of May, which helped us clear out half of a basement's worth of stuff, followed by a donation of 7 boxes of books to the Freeman House in Vienna, Virginia, for their annual book sale.

I even have another box of donation books ready to go next week.

And miles to go before I sleep...

Wish me luck!

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Carl said...

I wish you luck for sure. My wife and I sold her family home, her home, and then my home to move to our cottage by the sea. It took many weeks to clear out her house, and her family house. It took nine months of working nearly everyday just to clean out my attic of stuff, both sacred and profane. Looking back, it was all worth it, and I hope the same for you!

--Carl Sharpe from VerseWrights.

Bernadette Geyer said...

Thanks, Carl! I am keeping the goal in sight. I know it will all be worth it!