Sunday, May 12, 2013

Poem for Mother's Day

Coming in under the wire here... it's been a great weekend, culminating with my poetry reading with James Arthur at the IOTA Club & Cafe in Arlington, Virginia, hosted by Miles David Moore.

I read several motherhood-themed poems from my book, The Scabbard of Her Throat, in honor of Mother's Day. Here's one I didn't read. I hope you enjoy it!


Mad God has water in his hands,
my daughter says, and he spills it

all over the street.  Her Noah's Ark
floats on linoleum and the animals

swim. We play flood all morning
as hills of snow thaw outside.

On Christmas Eve, we pilgrimage
to the remote land of the Craft Room,

retrieve Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus
from the displaced safety of the ark.

Desert sand transforms to Berber
and we descend arid mountains

as if they were mere flights of stairs.
Everywhere I look, another miracle

is happening. In her hands, the wise men
on their camels are taking flight.

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