Friday, April 12, 2013

Update on What I've Read for National Poetry Month

Here's what I've read so far:

A Handful of Bees, by Dzvinia Orlowsky
Crab Orchard Review, Winter/Spring 2012
The White Words, by Baron Wormser
* American Poetry Review, Sept/Oct 2012
* Bone Pagoda, by Susan Tichy
* Gettysburg Review, Winter 2012

And I am currently reading The Makings of Happiness, by Ronald Wallace. Here's a strong poem from the collection I just read this morning:


What am I doing
out here in the goat yard,
the red sun setting on the pasture,
this syringe in my hand full of Tylan
("for cattle and swine only,
has been fatal in equine uses"),
wondering whether a goat is more
like a cow or a pig or a horse?
I, who am so lavish with analogies,
who can so carelessly crossbreed
sun and blood or death and levity
or kids and kids, find myself
blind in the sweet eye of this alpine,
bleating for help. My daughter
clings to my shirt sleeves for assurance
as I lift the bright syringe,
a needle of health, I tell her,
a splinter of sun, thinking:
That language were so powerful, so dangerous!
Goat, I sing, be pig, be
cow: root and snort and wallow
from your snout to your curly tail;
bellow and ruminate and moo
down the length of your leathery hide;
make me good as my word.
I raise my dangerous hand
and it's done. The sun sets on
the goat yard, this she goat, and my daughter.
Who's to say song doesn't matter?
She falls to her small knees, bleating
her one song after another.

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