Monday, April 22, 2013

National Poetry Month - Reading List Update

Here's what I've read so far:

A Handful of Bees, by Dzvinia Orlowsky
Crab Orchard Review, Winter/Spring 2012
The White Words, by Baron Wormser
American Poetry Review, Sept/Oct 2012
Bone Pagoda, by Susan Tichy
Gettysburg Review, Winter 2012
* The Makings of Happiness, by Ronald Wallace
* Field, Fall 2012
* China Cowboy, by Kim Gek Lin Short
* Border Crossing, 2012 issue

And I am currently reading Between Gods, by Donna Lewis Cowan. The following is from the sensual poem, "Broken Sonnet: Eve Upon Awakening":

You sleep, a shadow bent in careful candor
soft-grown among these chaoses of green,
and I awaken, my midnight visions mounting
the trees. Your fingers slip my hair; you wean
a decadence from my spring soul...

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