Tuesday, April 16, 2013

More Use-Less Stuff - April Edition

The great purge continues. My sisters were in town, so I took the opportunity to see if they needed anything that we were getting rid of. They took away a car filled with things we didn't need anymore:

* A small desk lamp
* Broken guitar
* Old Polly Pocket toy house
* Beer glasses
* Small food processor
* Mandoline
* Bunch of cassettes
* A few record albums
* Christmas decorations
* Camping chairs

I could probably list more, but you get the idea. I've got a stack of books slated to go to my uncle, and a stack of journals slated for my next get-together with some literary friends.

Whew. Decluttering is almost a full-time job!

What have you gotten rid of lately?


Emily Shearer said...

Though it killed me, I recently sent three years' worth of Poetry magazines to the thrift store, along with a stainless steel coffee pot, outgrown hoodies, hiking boots a half-size too small, and the same Vera Bradley pocketbook that everybody else has already. It gave me a thrill to think of the 20-year old version of myself who used to shop exclusively in thrift stores coming upon 36 issues of Poetry for $1 each and walking out with a new coffee pot!

Bernadette Geyer said...

Oh yes! I remember having a yard sale and selling lots of old concert t-shirts (Smiths, The Cure, U2) to a young girl that reminded me so much of myself at her age! It made me feel a lot better about getting rid of those t-shirts!

Author Amok said...

Hi, Bernadette. I'm busy imagining a story or poem built around this list -- the broken guitar. Did the mandoline cause its untimely end? And was the whole musical murder caught on audio cassette?

Bernadette Geyer said...

Hah! Good writing prompt idea!