Sunday, February 03, 2013

Use-less Stuff in the New Year

I'm back on my Use Less (Use-less) Stuff campaign to clear our house of clutter. Last year, I had the "easing into the idea" goal of getting rid of (or putting in the Yard Sale pile) 5 items a week.

This year, I've ramped it up to 20.

Among what I've gotten rid of (or pegged for the yard sale) this week:

* 10 old travel guide books. Really, I bet a lot has changed in those countries/cities over the past decade.

* Sample packets of face scrubs, lotions and perfumes. What am I saving them for? My cosmetics carousel looks much better since I've been actually using all those little packets. I guess I'll have to wait until summer to use the face-blotting tissues, though.

* Back-issues of magazines. I do admit that I go through and tear out articles I want to keep for referencing. I have folders for those.

What can you do to de-clutter this week?

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