Monday, February 25, 2013

Use-less Stuff #2

I've ramped up the house-cleaning! I've got spring fever and it's not even spring yet. Here's what I've gotten rid of over the past week:

* A dozen old pins and one trophy from Junior Achievement - donated to the organization's Finance Park facility in Fairfax County.

* A year's worth of back issues of Better Homes & Gardens and DIY magazines, picked up by a fellow Freecycler. (If you haven't heard of Freecycling, you should go to this web site right now!)

* A bag of books taken to the local used book store. (Okay, we came back home with 5 new-to-us books using store credit, but it still counts!)

*  Ice skates our kid grew out of.

*  Dozens of old cards and gift cards from our box of Wedding memorabilia. (Why did we save all those?!)

There are several other odds & ends put in the boxes for a late-Spring yard sale, so it's been a great week for getting rid of use-less stuff around here. Several things on Craigslist and Emma that I'm waiting for someone to bite on.

What have you gotten rid of lately?


Anne Higgins said...

Cleaning out in anticipation of Spring is a great thing. I keep trying to weed out my books, but I end up getting more. I have an office at school and basically just one room at home ( I live in a convent!) so that keeps my collecting tendencies in check!

Bernadette Geyer said...

Yes, the books! Every time I finish reading one, two more arrive in the mail! I also gave away to a friend about a dozen back issues of literary journals, but it seems my "to read" shelf remains overflowing. I've realized that when I have more space, things just come to fill it. I admire you keeping your collection in check!