Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Lazy Gardener - Winter Edition - Mediterranean Heath

It is winter. Not typically a time to think about gardening. But I am thinking about gardening.

And, as the snow falls lightly today, I look out and am heartened by the multitudes of tiny, pink flowers on the Mediterranean Heath (Erica erigena) that provides me with a bit of flowering beauty the whole of winter.

As a lazy gardener, I cannot more highly recommend Mediterranean Heath as a staple in your garden. I have the pink variety, but there is also a variety with white flowers. It is in the Southeast corner of my front yard and gets brutal full sun all summer, but stays a lovely evergreen throughout.

I have found it to be wonderfully drought-resistant; it is one of the hearty shrubs and ground covers that populate "the cliffs and boulder screes" of Malta ( It is also deer-resistant. I am considering more for my front landscaping because it has proven to be so lovely and easy to grow!

If you are trying to put together a year-round flowering garden, you can't go wrong with Mediterranean Heath.

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sarah gutowski said...

Thank you for this! I love low-maintenance plants . . .