Monday, December 10, 2012

Free Holiday Decorations

Unpacking the holiday decorations over the weekend reminded me that following last year's holiday season, I got rid of a lot of old, mis-matched, hand-me-down decorations that just didn't suit me anymore. They were fine for my apartment when I was in my twenties, but not really for a "grown-up" house (sorry, Mom & Dad -- I had to get rid of the plastic wreath with the leprechaun, as well as the plastic Christmas tree decorated with plastic fruit ornaments).

So, as I placed the festive red tree on the mantle and plugged it in, I realized there was a whole lot of blank space up there now. And I realized I had no energy or desire to run out and buy "the perfect decorations" to fill those big empty spaces.

As I contemplated this dilemma, I happened to glance outside and spotted the overgrown winterberry bushes I've been meaning to prune. Then, I remembered the vases left over from past Valentine's Days... and VOILA! We now have a lovely mantle, and the winterberry bushes are all pruned for next year.

In the closer photo, you can see some small red ornaments in the base of the vase. We had a small box of old little red ball ornaments with no hangers for them, so I just put them in the vases for extra color.

You probably have some old vases lying around. I hope this gives you some ideas for inexpensive holiday decorations you can make using them!

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