Thursday, November 15, 2012

Fall Progress

Fall has been a flurry not just of leaves, but of work. My professional copy editing work has been wildly busy these past couple of months, at the same time we are having work done on the house (which has kept me out of my home office!), and concurrent with working on all the items on the book publication "to do" list.

I am chomping at the bit to show you all my cover, but we're holding off a little longer, so I'll just tantalize you by saying that it features this painting by one of my favorite local artists, Kathleen Kendall:

I am thrilled that I actually own this piece. It was the first thing I bought for myself when I started back to work on a regular basis. "Like Taking the Black off a Crow". And, yes, there may be a crow or two among the poems in The Scabbard of Her Throat.

Proofreaders, ISBN numbers, blurbs, etc. All is coming together nicely.

I've already got one reading set up for next year -- as well as plans to attend and do a book-signing in March 2013 at the annual conference of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, in Boston -- and I will be going full-speed with booking more readings and book club visits as soon as the construction is finished at my house and I can get back into my office.

It's been only a month, but the displacement is really getting to me. I feel like none of my resources are at my disposal because I don't have access to my hard drive, only my laptop. And, of course, I forgot to put everything on my memory stick before we packed up the room. Ugh.

Well, contractors arriving, gotta dash...

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