Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Millay Colony Now Offers "Virtual" and "Two-Week" Residencies

I am so thrilled to see the Millay Colony recognizing that many artists are parents or have full-time jobs and cannot take off for a full month's residency. They have two new types of residencies:

The Two-Week Residency
In order to accommodate artists who cannot partake of a month-long residency, the Millay Colony is now offering two two-week sessions in the month of September only, for up to seven artists per session...

The "Virtual" Residency
This new residency is specifically for working artists and/or artists with children who cannot spend prolonged time away from home but could benefit from the support of a residency in modified form...

The deadline for these and regular applications is coming up on October 1, 2012, for the upcoming 2013 year, so get working on those applications!

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sarah gutowski said...

Wow, Bernie! Thanks for posting this. It *is* nice to notice these artist programs acknowledging that writers and artists sometimes have families, too.