Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcoming Summer

As my daughter finishes her school year and the craziness of summer begins, I realize this summer will be a new experience -- her in camp and me in my part-time job instead of getting stuff done at home.

I like to get stuff done. Some days, crossing a line off the to-do list is the highlight of the day.

But during summer, I also usually take a break from writing. And this year I forgot about that. So, I've been beating myself up about having no time to write and have forgotten that the hectic summer schedule is exactly why I usually take a break from writing.

And submitting.

But, that does not mean I take a break from creativity, which tends to manifest itself in the form of gardening and crafting during these next months.

In fact, I should be finishing those lavender sachets for Frida's teachers at this moment, instead of blogging.

And so I go, and bid you swimming pool access, air conditioning, and a tasty cold beverage to keep you going during this short heat wave...

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