Sunday, April 15, 2012

National Poetry Month - Checking in at the halfway mark.

Zoobles hiding in the tulips.

  After two weeks off for my daughter's spring break, I feel like I am just trying to keep my head above the water here.

Don't get me wrong... we've had a blast. Every day has been chock full of its own adventures. But there's been little time for me to keep up with my creative life.

Luckily, with the hubby out of town for a few days, I've been plowing through the "To Do List" -- first of which entailed submitting poems and manuscripts to presses and journals. Finished up those tonight.

Tomorrow night I will get back to the creative side of things. This is, after all, National Poetry Month as well as National Poetry Writing Month (aka NaPoWriMo). I set a goal of writing something every day. While I haven't done THAT, necessarily, I have managed a few drafts in the first couple of weeks. The next few nights will be spent working on a "series" that is slow-going, but fun.

It's the fun that matters. If I'm not having fun, I begin to question why I'm doing it at all.

That's the rut I found myself in last year. I had spent the previous year drafting poem upon poem. Exercises. Prompts. Conceits. Weekly writing groups. I burned out. I began to wonder what the point was at all? Quantity? Seeing who could write the most drafts in a year? Seeing how many manuscripts I could put together before I keeled over or ran out of money for printer ink cartridges and paper?

That's why I didn't officially "commit" to NaPoWriMo this year. I give kudos to all of you out there getting drafts on paper every day, but I just can't push myself this year. I'm working through some difficult themes in my new manuscript and prompt-a-day isn't going to help me flesh those out.

But.... It is the inspiration of so many of you poets out there actually drafting a poem a day this month that is quite helpful, because it drives me to at least sit down and work on my "series" on a regular basis, or to work on a single section of a larger poem that is taking shape.

As we head into the second half of April, I hope that National Poetry Month brings you and your muse together in whatever way is necessary for you and your poems at this point.

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