Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Baltimore City Historical Society Seeks Books by Local Poets

I wanted to pass along an invitation I received from Rosalind Ellis Heid, on behalf of the Baltimore City Historical Society.

"The Baltimore City Historical Society is presently collecting the work of local poets, and I am hoping you might know of people who would be interested in contributing a book to the BCHS archive of poetry... Once the poetry books, collections, and other material have been catalogued, this will be made available to anyone interested in the current Baltimore area poetry scene. After contacting the Academy of American Poets, I believe we are the only city in the country attempting to collect the works of local poets."

BCHS is the home of the Baltimore Book Collection, which aims to assemble in one place copies of every book ever published about Baltimore. This new project, focusing on the work of Baltimore City poets, appears to be a great tie-in with the Society's existing book collection.

Poets who are interested in donating books to the Baltimore City Poetry Archive can contact the Society at this link.

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