Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can...

But the music always seems to be one beat ahead of me right now.

Last month, I was between gigs for a week and a half, during which I blasted through a dozen items on my "to do" list, including this guest post over at She Writes.

I've been back in an office for two weeks now and have only managed to cross off two items during that time.

There are things on the "to do" list that are what keep my busy between freelance gigs. Those, I'm not worried about. But it's the lack of extended (okay, more than 15 minutes here and there) writing time that's getting to me as I struggle just to stay on top of housework. Also, the lack of "alone time" in the house.  Sometimes I just want a few hours by myself to putter around.

When you freelance at home for five years and then suddenly begin working outside the home on a contract, the adjustment sometimes can take a while. I'm still waiting to be fully adjusted. Catching snippets of productivity in the morning, when I get home from picking my daughter up in the afternoon, and then after she goes to bed.

So, right now I'm just gonna keep dancing, keep bouncing between what needs to be done at the moment and stockpiling ideas for projects to keep me busy between contracts.

Some people say it must be tough. It's tough no matter what you're doing. You always think you should be doing more.

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