Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you use Goodreads, or have a book listed on Goodreads, check this out!

If you are on Goodreads, you may have already received this notice. If you have a book listed on Goodreads but haven't been following their announcements, please read the following notice, which I received from them today.


As you may have noticed, Goodreads is transitioning to new sources of data for its book records. For years, we've used Amazon's data, and while they have always had certain restrictions and requirements, those terms have gotten harder and harder to adhere to. We have been working diligently to find a new, independent source of data. Amazon has given us until January 30 to stop using their data, and we have to meet this deadline.

So what does this mean for you, the author? First, please be assured that your books will not lose a single rating, review, or to-read shelving. We know how important reviews are to you, and we promise that 100% of that data will remain after this switch.

A few of your books may need to be rescued, though, to ensure that the reviews and ratings don't migrate, temporarily, to a blank book record. Rescuing a book is easy, especially since, as the author, you own all of your data and don't need to enter a source.

To see which of your books need to be rescued, click the link below:

Rescue your books!

To rescue a book, click on the "Rescue Me!" button to the right of it. Enter the appropriate information, and click "Submit."

Please note: If you are published by CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, or Amazon Publishing, your books will not need to be saved. We will be getting a direct feed of all books from those sources from Amazon in the future.

So please rescue your books before the January 30 deadline. It takes only a few clicks, and your books will remain on Goodreads for new readers to discover, shelve, and review. Thanks for helping us provide the best and most accurate book data possible!


I am posting this notice because I have a lot of friends whose chapbooks and out-of-print books may be at risk of being deleted. If you are not a Goodreads user, and don't really care if your book is listed, then never mind. But I have loved being on Goodreads and have found it to be a valuable resource and a great way to keep track of which books I've read -- especially if I've already gotten rid of the book or had borrowed it from the library -- and to see what my friends are reading and what they thought of certain books before I buy them to read.

So please take a look and see if your book needs to be rescued! It's very easy. You just use your copy of the book to fill in a few bits of information and that's it. Then you can be sure your book will remain listed on this great resource for book-lovers!

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