Thursday, December 29, 2011

So, how did I do on those New Year's resolutions for 2011...

So, I took a look at my list of "resolutions" from last year:

1. Go out to lunch/dinner with friends more often.
2. Quality, not quantity.
3. Continue to find myriad ways to express my creativity.
4. "Work it!"
5. Figure out how to use the broiler, for real.

To be fair, I will say that I did a pretty good job at #1-4. Still didn't figure out the broiler. But as far as cooking goes, I did discover the joys of using shallots.

I remember when I was young that someone (perhaps my Mother?) told me  that the way your house looks on New Year's Day is the way it will look for the rest of the year.

Because of that insanely sadistic bit of advice, I always get antsy about organizing. Especially now that we have a kid who gets toys with lots of tiny little bitty pieces that tend to get lost everywhere (thank you, inventors of Squinkies!).

So, I am now back from The Container Store where I bought two new medium sized bins and am tackling the coat closet. The baseball hats (really, how many does a person need?) get their very own bin. Winter scarves neatly folded with knit hats laying on top of them in the other bin.

For some reason this has made me supremely happy.

As an added bonus, I discovered a lovely black woolen beret. I have no idea where it came from. If you visited me many years ago and left it here, let me know.


Dave C. said...

To answer your baseball hat question — you need five baseball hats; seven if you're from Pittsburgh.

You need:
* One cut the grass / shovel snow hat.
* One [non-sports] going to a barbeque hat.
* One New York Yankees (or Boston Red Sox) hat
* You choice: football or hockey hat
* One college hat

and if you're from Pittsburgh
* One Pirates hat - non-pillbox style (preferrably mustard colored, sized.
* one Steelers playoffs/super bowl hat

Bernadette Geyer said...

It is AMAZINGLY eerie how well you pegged exactly which types of baseball caps Peter has!

1. St. Thomas cap - for cutting grass
2. Alienware cap - for impressing techie friends at bbqs
3. Chicago Cubs cap
4. Chicago Bears cap
5. Eastbourne College Cricket cap

He actually has 3 Alienware caps. Ima gonna make one disappear real soon. Unfortunately, Frida just claimed one. We also each have our own Washington Nationals cap. That is my only baseball cap.