Monday, November 21, 2011

The Great Blue Pumpkin

This year, for Halloween, I picked up a Jarrahdale pumpkin from my favorite little market, Maple Avenue Market. The Jarrahdale pumpkin is native to New Zealand and is quite distinctive for its blue-green skin. One of my neighbors is from New Zealand and she remarked that it's the kind of pumpkin she grew up with. I, myself, having grown up with orange pumpkins, could barely wrap my head around a blue pumpkin. Okay, white pumpkins have become very fashionable, so I've gotten used to them.

But blue! Just look at it...

Of course, I took to the internet to find out more about this peculiar (at least to me) squash. The folks at Maple Avenue Market said it would be good for baking and my Googling of the pumpkin backed up that statement.

So, last weekend, I decided it was time to cut into that sucker and roast it up. Here's what it looks like inside. Such a gorgeous orange I would have never imagined!

And how much flesh! My god, that took a lot of sawing. It was my exercise for the day just cutting the pumpkin into thick slices for roasting. And roast it I did...

It smelled so wonderful as it was cooking! But... be warned. If you plan to roast the pumpkin before cubing or pureeing it for freezing, plan on AT LEAST 2 hours of roasting time at about 300-350 degrees. Our oven is less than even in its heating, so I had to be sure to turn the pan occasionally. The sections that got a little overdone ended up caramelized -- Yum!

I carefully measured out 1-cup portions for use in the future, put them in individual containers, and stuck them in my freezer, making sure to leave out the required 6 tablespoons of pumpkin puree for use the next day in some Pumpkin-Oatmeal Cookies, based on this recipe from Skinnytaste.

They were delicious, by the way.

I hope you have enjoyed the tale of The Great Blue Pumpkin and that you will know to not fear them when you see them around for the rest of the fall and next Halloween!


Giulia said...

Wow, that is pretty. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, B.

PS: Love Skinnytaste. Gina's my go-to for baking. Yum.


Bernadette Geyer said...

Thanks, Susan! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!