Wednesday, July 06, 2011


Summer always strikes me as the time to shake one's self out of routine. Get out more. So, I took the opportunity the past two weekends to "escape" my routine.

I headed out of town for less than 48 hrs during which I wrote 2 book reviews, 3 poem drafts, and revised 2 additional poems. I also read Into Perfect Spheres Such Holes Are Pierced, a powerful and moving collection of poems by Catherine Barnett, which focuses on the death of her sister's husband and children in an airplane crash. Here's an excerpt from the poem "Evening in the Garden":

At the edge of the field where rare species
had overgrown a corner of the school playground,
some kind souls built a garden.

They made a spiral path with sea glass 
the children separated by color,
one boy sorting each kind of green

from every other. I looked hard for something
to like because I thought my sister,
leaning against the marble wall where her daughters' names

were carved, might want me to find beauty there. 

This past weekend, I escaped to Pittsburgh for a family reunion/picnic and a thrilling day at Sandcastle Water Park, where I rode a 60-foot-high water slide, my husband braved the 85-foot-high water slide, and our daughter discovered the joy of the Wave Pool.

I admit, I'm dreaming of escaping more...

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