Friday, May 06, 2011

Need-Less-ness and Letting Things In

Yup. Getting rid of more stuff this week. I took to the consignment store the following:

* Plaster medallion removed from dining room ceiling (it was really not our style)
* Set of crystal/silver coasters I picked up at an estate sale before I met Peter
* Set of mini-martini glasses that we don't need
* Old ash tray (no one we know smokes anymore)

While at the consignment store (ReFind on Church Street in Vienna, VA, in case you are interested in any of the above items), I spotted a lamp that I thought would be perfect for my desk. Good price, even figuring in the cost of having the 1930s plug replaced with a polarized plug.

This is just so you know I am not all about getting rid of things. Just getting rid of the unnecessary or unused things that fill the cupboards and drawers. I'm now taking the advice my uncle once told me: Allow into your life what is useful or what is beautiful.

Fortunately, this lamp is both. Here it is on my writing desk:


Giulia said...

Good for you! I love the lamp...that is my style,too. Have a great weekend, Bernadette. I just returned from the Cathedral's Flower Mart. Austria is the sponsoring country & though not Germany, close enough to make me think of you guys. The carousel is darling & the apfel streusel was delish.



Bernadette Geyer said...

Yum! We're heading to the German & French embassies for their open houses tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend!