Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Take a deep breath.

I'm seeing a lot of FB updates and blog posts from people who seem to really be freaking out about this whole AWP Conference.

Really. There's no need.

Maybe I'm just jaded from having worked trade shows for 10 years for my previous job. Heck, I don't even pick up 1/10th of the swag I used to. (Though I will be tracking down some alien swag from Martha Silano!)

I am excited to be staying in a hotel, despite the fact I live only 10 miles from the conference site. Why? Here are a few reasons:
  • It's a tax-deductible vacation for me. As a freelance writer who claims income/expenses, I will be writing off everything except the cost of the books and litmags I buy. Actually, I could write off the cost of the litmags as "research" for potential markets for my writing, but I don't usually because I actually enjoy reading them for their content. Not as "research."
  • As a work-at-home-mother (WAHM!), it's a break from mom/house duties. I get 4 days to just be me. Wake when I want. Go to bed when I want. Eat when I want. Stay out late if I want. Sit in my room reading/writing if I want.
  • I'll be able to walk longer than 10 minutes without someone asking me to carry them.
  • I have only purchased one book in the last 6 months and am looking forward to buying books by some very good friends who are celebrating their new releases.
If you are not an exhibitor -- with stresses about setting up, breaking down, shipping leftovers home, making sure people show up for their table-sitting duties -- and if you're not organizing a panel -- with half of your panelists stranded at their respective airports -- really, there's nothing to stress about.

Walk around. Or don't. Buy books. Or don't. Go to panels. Or don't. It's not that big of a deal. Just chill out.

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