Friday, January 14, 2011

Need-Less Post #1 of 2011

"There are two ways to have enough. The first is to get more. The second is to need less." -- Mitch Lansky

Here it is, the first "need-less" post of 2011. I am still on my campaign to get rid of 5 items per week -- be it old papers from a file folder, a broken binder clip, or ill-fitting clothes and unnecessary linens. So, in the first couple of weeks of this new year, I've gotten rid of many items, among them:

1. An old pulse-meter (from the days when I used to have a gym membership).

2. An old pair of sunglasses that just don't look good on me anymore.

3. 2 sets of pillow shams (does anyone actually use pillow shams?).

4. A bed skirt that came with my duvet cover (again, who uses bed skirts?).

5. A couple of old Christmas-themed potholders (I decided I didn't need more than two).

I found several old literary journal copies that I plan to give to friends, and more books to take to the used book store. Since I plan on buying a lot of books at the upcoming AWP conference, I'm making space on my bookshelves now, in preparation.

Happy de-cluttering to you & yours in 2011!

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Giulia said...

I'm going to take it easy on self as I did a massive decluttering of linens, etc. in the summer. But, I use pillow shams, yes. Mine are not the highly decorated kind but rather a variation on the shape of the other two. But still. I use'em.

Cheers, Bernadette.