Friday, January 07, 2011

First Post of the New Year

I've been quiet on the blog because of the busy holiday season, but also because I've spent the first week of the year working on New Year's Resolutions.

Oh, and a major update to berniE-zine, the book review blog I publish. I'm fixing links and graphics on every single review page. Yesterday, I counted more than 260 reviews since I started the zine more than 10 years ago. I guess an average of 26 reviews a year isn't too bad.

I'm in the middle of reading Marianne Moore: A Literary Life. I don't plan on reviewing it, but if I did, I'd say it's a bit disorganized. There's a lot of chronological jumping around. But, the fact that it's taking me a long time to read it means I can update the review web site without increasing the backlog of books I've already read that are awaiting reviews.

I'm up to the pages starting with the letter H. Taking today off to blog, read and perhaps even write a little.  I did surprise myself earlier this week by penning a few things in my journal. A pretty good start to the year.

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