Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still Another Need-Less Posting

Every so often I come up for air and find a few more items to clear out of the house. Hopefully I am inspiring you to simply look around you and find a few things that can either bring you a little extra walking around money, or that can be donated to a charity or Freecycled. Also, there are often things that sit on a bookshelf for so long that you completely stop "seeing" them. The last one there is a problem I constantly have.

This past week, I:
  1. Filed a few health insurance forms cluttering the dining room table.
  2. Sold the stroller we no longer need to a woman who desperately needed one for her 6-month-old.
  3. Listed on Freecycle and Craigslist an old printer that we're not even sure works anymore, which had been on a desk, unused for at least 4 years, in the craft room.
  4. Listed our Waterwheel table that we bought the first summer in our house and which hasn't been used the past 2 summers and is taking up A LOT of space in the garage.
  5. Finally got rid of a big, overgrown bush that was taking up a prime, sunny space at the end of our driveway. The space is now cleared and ready for me to plant flowers.
  6. I've also hung outside a birdhouse that was a winter painting project and had been sitting in the middle of our basement floor for three months.