Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Resolutions

As I reflect on 2010, I'm thinking positive  thoughts about 2011's prospects... the following list will be randomly updated as resolutions occur to me:

1. Go out to lunch/dinner with friends more often.

2. Quality, not quantity.

3. Continue to find myriad ways to express my creativity.

4. "Work it!"

5. Figure out how to use the broiler, for real.


Giulia said...

Good list, Bernadette. I'm still working on mine. (Actually, I haven't started yet.) Happy new year to you & your family.



Bernadette Geyer said...

Thanks, Susan! The list of what I accomplished in 2010 is incredible! I won't be sharing that with anyone except my husband. It really is something to look back at one year of life and realize what has happened. It has been a great year. I hope 2010 was good for you, too. And that 2011 is even better!

Kells said...

I am so with you on QUALITY over QUANTITY! Great list!

Happy 2011 to you!

Bernadette Geyer said...

Thanks, Kelli! Happy 2011 to you, too!