Monday, November 29, 2010

The Book that Jumped to the Head of the Line

I am definitely jumping this book out of its place in the long line of books that I have to review, but I feel that I must tell everyone who has a young child or knows someone with a young child to buy THIS BOOK:

The World is Round, by Gertrude Stein (Buy on AmazonBuy on

My daughter has been requesting that I read this book every night for the past two weeks (we are on Chapter 15, currently). Stein's first children's book, The World is Round centers around a young girl, named Rose (after Stein's real-life niece). It is written very much in the way children themselves think and speak and tell stories, so it's a bit of a trick for a tired parent to try to wrap his/her tongue around the elaborate run-on sentences at times. But the effort is definitely worth it.

The pictures for the book were created by Clement Hurd. Most of you will be very familiar with his work as illustrator for Margaret Wise Brown's classics, Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny.

Here's a sample:

Rose was her name and would she have been Rose if her name had not been Rose. She used to think and then she used to think again.

Would she have been Rose if her name had not been Rose and would she have been Rose if she had been a twin.

Rose was her name all the same and her father's name was Bob and her mother's name was Kate and her uncle's name was William and her aunt's name was Gloria and her grandmother's name was Lucy. They all had names and her name was Rose, but would she have been she used to cry about it would she have been Rose if her name had not been Rose.

I tell you at this time the world was all round and you could go on it around and around.

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