Friday, November 05, 2010

Bigger than Bieber?

I get such an ego boost from teaching poetry to 4th graders. Really. If only I could bottle up that enthusiasm and wild imagination...

4th Grader - Are you famous?

Me - No. I don't think so.

4th Grader - But do you have a book?

Me - Well, yes I do. (I hold up the chapbook from which I read earlier)

4th Grader - Did you write all those poems?

Me - Yep.  They're all mine.

4th Grader - Wow! Can I have your autograph?

Me - Um. Sure.

I was then swarmed by 4th graders running up to me and thrusting their notebooks in my face to sign for them. It was very funny. One girl even asked if I felt like Justin Bieber signing all these autographs.

So, for a few scant minutes I got to feel like a rock star today. There were no paparazzi on hand, but photos were taken for posterity and documentation. And to provide a report to Target, whose funding supported the interdisciplinary program "InterAction: Learning Through Art," in which I participated as "the poet."

I will even admit to being humbled by the extraordinary imaginations of some of the students. One's poem described the "elastic field." In another's poem "one tree wanted to be a carriage, carrying kings and queens, while the second tree wanted to carry treasures."

I want to be the tree that dreams of carrying treasures... I want to be that elastic field.

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