Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yet Another Need-Less Posting

There's nothing like spending a week away from home to teach you what you can and can't live without. Some things I've decided I can live without, which will be in the next charity truck pickup or on Craigslist or Freecycle:
  • Old, unopened HP 23 inkjet printer cartridge (for the printer we gave away a couple of months ago).
  • Two bags of play sand (100 lbs. total), which have been taking up space in the garage.
  • Old side table/wine rack (taking this to the consignment store - ReFind).
  • Old, cheap clock that was in Frida's room until she found a cute monkey wall clock (at above-mentioned consignment store). 
  • Basic flower vase that came with a bouquet of flowers from hubby (we've already got a few very nice ones... how many do you really need?).
  • From my closet... 5 or 6 shirts I don't wear anymore.
  • Old pair of sandals tossed out because I replaced them with a brand new pair.
  • Five old puzzles that our daughter doesn't play with anymore. She has plenty more to keep her busy.
  • Four cookbooks that I've never used.
Whew. Sometimes I have to force myself to stop looking for things to get rid of. Well, I'll be watching Clean House tonight with a clean conscience!


Giulia said...

It's not needless to moi. Guess how much stuff I've got ready to go (just guess). OK, I'll tell you, B. 10 bags (WFoods size), 2 large IKEA bags. Of clothes, linens, holiday stuff I no longer like (decorations). I'm not even done yet but hoping friend will help me get it out of here before I go to beach for (less than week) soon.

You inspired me. So now, I'm going to go through one more closet (tomorrow). Then The Paper Work.


Bernadette Geyer said...

Awesome! So glad to hear I've inspired you. Good luck with that last closet and the paper work!

And have a fabulous time at the beach =)