Monday, February 22, 2010

The Table

On Sunday, I had a little free time to myself while Peter had quality time with Frida at home. So... after a tall Mate Latte at The Soundry, I decided to browse the little antique shops along Maple Avenue in Vienna, VA (my town). I love antique-ing, but haven't had much time for it lately.

In Beekman's Place, I saw a very cute little "retro" side table that I thought would be perfect for our family room. We had been using a plain little wood table I bought at a yard sale for 8 bucks with the intent that it would be Frida's craft table. But, after finding a super-awesome Little Tykes craft table on Freecycle, the wood table just remained a place-holder in the family room.

So now I am giddy over this table. I even put coasters on it. You know that's love.

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Giulia said...

I love it Bernadette. Wish I had a car, I'd love to go out looking with you. (And possibly buying...) That is a real find, as you know.