Tuesday, February 16, 2010

30 poems in 30 days -- status update

I have 18 poem drafts so far. Still on target. Most of them are useless, but I'm actually excited about a few of them and eager to move to "editing mode" on them. Usually with these "30 poems in 30 days" periods, I don't look back at the drafts until the month is over.

Can I sustain this? If I made it through a week and a half of being snowed in with my family, I should certainly be able to continue drafting once Frida heads back to school next week.

The titles so far:

1. Acrostic: Naming the Ant
2. Acrostic: State of Denial
3. Snowball Fight
4. Acrostic: Unnamed
5. Acrostic: Naming the Accused
6. Acrostic: Dolores
7. Acrostic: Naming the Owl
8. Let Me Be Your Warning
9. One/Single
10. Blizzard
11. In the Beginning
12. Blight
13. ISO: Routine
14. Self-Portrait as One No Longer a Mythological Tragedy
15. Dear Forgetfulness
16. Icicles
17. Mad God
18. Parable


Giulia said...

Well done, B. I had to camp away from home for 7 awful days...no heat.I'm in a reading period now. That's my excuse today, anyway.


writeralley said...

Just surfing by in my lunch hour...your work is genuinely good, you've put me in a reading mood.
Best wishes
Karen Hanley
Book editor
Schiel & Denver Publishing