Friday, January 22, 2010

Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods, by Paula Bohince

I had the pleasure of seeing Paula Bohince read from her poetry collection Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods last year at the Fall for the Book Festival on George Mason University's campus. And my daughter (who I brought along with me) behaved herself so well, I was able to pay attention to the whole reading!

I've finally had a chance to read the collection and wanted to post a note for you other procrastinators -- if you haven't yet read this, get it now!

Bohince moves from the meditative to the explosive and back as her poems address rural farm life from a point of view that is both insider and outsider at the same time. While the book is touted as a "mystery," the buildup to the title event is not prolonged. Bohince's poems are more of a whirlpool around the incident rather than a linear cataloging from point A to point B.

I was thrilled also to see the smattering of Acrostic poems that prove how successful the form can be in the hands of someone willing to seek their fullest potential.

Poems from the collection and an interview with Bohince can be found at From the Fishouse: an audio archive of emerging poets.

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Valerie Loveland said...

From the Fishouse is one of my favorite sites. I'll check out Bohince.