Tuesday, December 01, 2009

NaLeafBloMo Final Tally

Not counting the leaves I was able to bag today, my NaLeafBloMo (National Leaf-Blowing Month) tally is 48 bags. I was able to do three more this afternoon and probably have about 6-7 left to do. And that's just the leaves. Whew.

Because of those leaves, I didn't manage much in the way of new writing last month. One poem draft and three book reviews. I revised a few poems, which required that extra attention to take them that necessary step in the right direction.

I'm glad to have accomplished quite a few tasks on my big "To Do" list this week so far -- and it's only Tuesday! The biggest line item being the updating of berniE-zine.

December is always a large blur to me, so this year I am going to devote my attention to -- actually paying attention! Wow! Our dance card is already 90% filled, and I want to be sure to remember every sashay and foxtrot come New Year's Eve.

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