Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doing It Wrong

With all the hubbub about Poets & Writer's Top 50 List of M.F.A. schools, I enjoyed this post by Sandra Beasley on the W.W. Norton Poems Out Loud blog. An excerpt:

Returning to the print magazine for comfort, I instead found “Get the Most Out of Your MFA Experience: Tips for Success,” which indexes helpful hints and red flags for your graduate years. Proper strategy extends far beyond picking a program. As I read onward, my suspicions congealing into unease, my unease cresting into nausea, a nausea that threatened to flood my being, I realized I’d have to come here, and confess before you—you, dear reader—all of you, the holy spirit, and William Warder Norton himself:

I did it wrong.

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giulia said...

I laughed when the issue arrived. Haven't opened it yet. Kind of sorry that I bothered to resubscribe.