Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sisyphus the Homeowner

Yesterday, I swept leaves from our deck and patio. This morning, I looked out and saw that both were in the process of being covered once again by the maple leaves falling from the dozen trees in our back yard.

Today, I approached yet another Sisyphean task: submitting poems to journals. Send them out. Get them back. Send them out again.

What makes you feel like Sisyphus?

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giulia said...

Used to be what yours are now.

Now, I battle "sticky dust" in an old apt. I could shriek. But I won't.

Also begging, pleading, cajoling folks to look at Africa stuff I work on...even go to a fun auction site that raises small but crucial amts. of $ for food programs.

As for sending out material? Ha. Distant memory. Buona fortuna for yours.