Friday, October 16, 2009

Cleaning House

The first half of October has been a whirlwind of organization around here. Garage. Landscaping. Cellar.

This week, I began rummaging through what I labeled as "Archive" boxes. I'm no Andy Warhol, but there's a lot of crap I've saved over my lifetime. Some of the items from my childhood, I've resurrected and given to my own daughter.

In my rummagings, I came across a pristine stack of about 20 bus posters featuring one of my poems, "The Rose Forgets Its Beauty," which were published through the 2007 Arlington County Moving Words competition. I'm offering these signed posters for sale over on my web site.

I also managed to find some unusual items like a 1918 10-pfennig Kriegsgeld coin (don't bother trying pilfer it, it's not really valuable, just kinda cool). About a dozen 3D laminated 1-riyal stamps from Umm-Al-Qiwain. Some old school trophies & plaques that prove I once knew stuff.

Two more boxes await.

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