Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Going for Subtlety

For the past few days I've been revisiting poems that have been hanging around for a while and figuring out how to improve them.

Over the summer, I noticed that I've been moving toward more subtlety in my poems. Shorter meditations. Tighter language. I've been trying to get away from painfully obvious poetic gimmicks in my poems. Some of the gimmicks I'm jettisoning:
  • overworn/cliche metaphor
  • grand statements
  • gratuitous demonstrations of my own cleverness
I was far more creative this summer than I expected to be. Fall seems like a good time to turn inward and revise. And revise. And revise.

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giulia said...

Ah yes. I tell you what I miss, though. I miss being in a workshop where someone will say, "Yikes..." I'm usually pretty good at spotting it during revision (in any form of writing) but have been wrong before.

I agree about inward autumn. Though it will be writing time for me.

Thanks for the reminder......