Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Summer Quandries

I have a love/hate relationship with summer.

On the one hand, I love it for tomatoes, the swimming pool, eating everything cold right out of the refrigerator, longer days, and margaritas on the deck. On the other hand, I hate it for bugs, humidity, unpredictable weather patterns and, most of all, the endless yardwork!

Although days are longer, I spend a lot more time outside, which translates to less indoor time to focus on writing. In the past, I have given myself "time off for good behavior" over the summer. And that seemed to work in past years. But this summer I'm already antsy about a few writing projects I am working on. I feel less able to simply set them aside for a couple of months. I'm not sure if I could get right back into them if I stop while I'm on a roll.

So, I keep on keeping on, holding the weeds only somewhat at bay while tweaking manuscripts and drafting weekly poems for my online group, enjoying the swimming pool and margaritas when opportunity knocks and, in exchange, foregoing mindless TV in the evenings.

Maybe this year the trick will be flexibility. Go with the flow until the current changes and keep my hands in the water so I can feel when that happens.

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