Sunday, June 14, 2009

Poll: What Title Grabs You the Most?

I would love some feedback from folks on the following possibilities...

1. We Who Were Anxious
2. The Hair of the Dead
3. His Father's Power Over the Bees
4. Boxes Stacked Like Hive Cells
5. Sometimes an Artifact Escapes
6. Descended from Fish
7. Your Own Way of Returning
8. Indistinct as Your Hands
9. The Water of His Being
10. Thinking About Dead Men and Stability
11. Those Half-Dreamed Fictions


Sandra said...

Gosh, I like a lot of these. I think you could tighten, though. I beat this dead horse, but too many titles are too long. Some tweaks:

Power Over Bees
Hive Cells
Dead Men and Stability
Half-Dreamed Fictions

My favorite is probably "Sometimes an Artifact Escapes." "Descended from Fish" starts out well, but I knew fish; I wanted something more unexpected. The only one I absolutely can't get excited about: "the Water of His Being." If you think about it...ew.

Bernadette Geyer said...

Thanks Sandra!

giulia said...

I'm with Sandra on this, so I can't improve upon it. I really like "We Who are Anxious" (I would, woundn't I?:) & "Sometimes an Artifact Escapes" ... a lot.

Greg said...

Is this a title in search of a book? Or vice versa? If the latter, I'd like to know more about the contents; many of these are excellent and I'd love to see what came with them....