Friday, May 01, 2009

Goodbye April, Farewell NaPoWriMo

Goodbye National Poetry Writing Month -- it feels like I hardly knew you. A fast month, indeed, but I managed to scrape together 31 poem drafts. This morning, while my daughter was at preschool, I typed up the ones I thought had the most promise: six.

Last year, I typed all of the NaPoWriMo drafts and printed them out. The ones that were still languishing about as of April 1 this year, still waiting for me to look at, I have decided to "abandon" to the folder marked "not for publication." As in, not even worth working on anymore. There were a lot of those. I think three of last April's poems made it to the finish line. Which is amazing for me. I'd definitely be thrilled if I could write three good poems each month. Three good poems a year would suffice for me right now.

As my toddler daughter gets more and more interactive, it's harder for me to focus on my writing. It takes me a while to get out of "mommy mode" and into "writing mode" and when the one nap each day is only an hour long, well, that leaves about five minutes for clear-mind writing by the time I've unclenched my jaw and let my shoulders drop.

Even now, I hear her thumping about in her room, refusing to go down for a nap. Sigh.

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