Thursday, April 30, 2009

Missing in Japan: Craig Arnold, poet

Poet Craig Arnold has gone missing on a small volcanic island in Japan while on a creative exchange fellowship. Craig, an experienced explorer of volcanoes, never returned to his inn after leaving alone to research the island's active volcano for the afternoon. The authorities are on the third day of searching for Craig, and are scouring the small island (of only 160 inhabitants) with dogs and helicopters.

Today, police agreed to extend the search for three days. They will add 55 people (exact number NOT confirmed, but estimated) to the search.

International pressure is mounting to try to persuade police to not give up until Craig is found. Concerned citizens are being urged to contact their representatives to inform them of the situation and to ask for their help in persuading Japanese officials to continue the search.

Here is the blog where confirmed information can be found:

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