Thursday, February 26, 2009

What's so great?

Here's what I have to say on greatness.

This week, I am not feeling too great. Sinus problems and ineffective emasculated cold medicines thanks to dopeheads.

I don't think even a great poem would make me feel as great as a cure for the common cold. That would be great. Poems don't cure colds. I totally wish they did. I have a never-ending supply right here in my house.

But I'm gonna read some poems right now and hope one might at least distract me from the twinge in my left eye and the ferret that seems to have been set loose in my aching sinus cavities.

If I come upon what I think is a great one, I'll let you know.


Steve Rogers said...

I am also suffering and unable to find a proper cure. So if you come across a poem that works, do let me know. I am digesting Bob Hicok's Insomnia Diary. Hasn't cured the cold but makes for interesting reading.

Gene Myers: said...

Great blog!
I've added you to my blogroll: