Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Frida starts pre-school next week. Three mornings each week. Three-and-a-half hours each morning. I've been working on my "BIG TO-DO LIST" of things that imminently need to be accomplished in the extra nine hours each week I will have to myself.

Oddly enough, only one item on my To-Do list involves poetry. A lot has been backing up in the pipeline, so I need to clear some things off my desk before I feel like I can really move on to "the next big thing" I've been thinking about as far as my poetry is concerned.

This is a major milestone for me: having Frida start pre-school. It's a step toward the freelance-writer's life I've wanted for many years. My to-do list includes writing a press release and a couple of book reviews, updating two web sites and starting to investigate potential advertisers for my web sites.

I cannot, at this moment, imagine having the house completely to myself for an extra nine hours every week. Starting next fall, she will be in morning pre-school five days each week.

I cannot even comprehend the notion of having entire weekdays to myself at some point in the future.

But I'm sure the "to-do list" will never run out of items to keep me busy...

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